Samsung’s Galaxy S23, Z Fold 4 gain new Webex Meetings

Z Fold 4 split on a table with a hand holding pen


Do you frequently attend Webex calls using your Samsung phone? If so, there are a couple of updates rolling out to the Webex Meetings app specific to the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 that you’ll want to take note of. 

For the Galaxy S23 line, the Webex app will soon allow you to share your phone’s camera feed in a meeting, allowing fellow attendees to view a livestream of whatever’s behind your camera. Participants can then write and draw on the feed to annotate your camera’s feed. 

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I imagine the ability to share what’s in front of you in real-time is going to prove useful for a wide range of industries, including construction, health care, marketing, and even IT. 

Galaxy S23 with pen leaning against it


If you have a Z Fold 4, Webex Meetings will now work better with the phone opened up in tablet mode, showing you the feed from up to 12 people in a call. Or, if you want to use the Fold 4’s Flex mode with Webex, you can rotate the hinge 180 degrees to view participants on one side of the screen and view any presentations or materials on the other. 

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Both feature updates are small but important updates for those who frequently participate in calls on their mobile device. The Z Fold 4’s update seems like the ideal way to take advantage of the larger display.

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