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Save up to 53% on Govee Smart Lights and Add Some Color to

Smart lighting is a pretty incredible technology, and it can do a lot more than just transform a room in seconds. It can also make watching TV at home more immersive and add some mood lighting to your gaming or streaming setup, and you can even use it for unique lighting in your car. And right now at Amazon, you can pick up some Govee smart lighting for as much as 53% off the usual price. There’s no set expiration for this sale, so there’s no guaranteeing how long these deals will last. We’d recommend getting your order in soon if you don’t want to miss out on these savings. 

There’s a pretty wide range of smart lighting products available at this sale, so no matter what part of your house you’re looking to upgrade, there’s a good chance you’ll find everything you need for less right now. If you just want some basic smart lights, you can pick up this 32.8-foot roll of color-changing LEDs, which comes with a remote and 64 different preset lighting modes, and is on sale for $18, or $5 off the usual price. Or if you want to add some mood lighting to your patio or outdoor space, you can grab this set of outdoor string lights. It’s 48 feet long with 15 warm white LED bulbs, and you can pick it up for $15, saving you $17 compared to the usual price. 

And there’s more than just basic home lighting available at this sale. This Govee Envisual TV backlighting system matches the lights and colors on your screen for a more immersive watching experience, and right now you can pick it up for $66, or $44 off the usual price. It’s designed for 65- and 75-inch TVs, and comes with an Envisual camera that captures the color onscreen and a 16.4-foot roll of DreamView T1 LED backlights. Or grab this 10-foot Govee Neon Rope light, which allows you to create tons of unique shapes and add some style to your gaming or streaming setup. It’s on sale for $46, which is $34 off the usual price. 

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