ScanWatch 2: the new connected watch from Withings takes

The new Withings ScanWatch 2 takes over from the original ScanWatch we tested and claims to be able to constantly monitor your temperature when worn on your wrist, something no other wearable device we’ve tested can. to do.

Continuous temperature monitoring

Withings is best known for its hybrid watches that look more like a traditional wristwatch, but with an emphasis on health tracking. In recent years, the Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, Fitbit, Oura Ring and the Whoop tracker have made it possible to track skin temperature. But these devices only measure temperature during sleep.

The ScanWatch 2 tracks throughout the day and night to show changes in your baseline temperature. It uses a combination of sensors to constantly monitor temperature: a heat flow sensor to measure energy transit, a temperature sensor that measures both ambient temperature and skin temperature, a heart rate sensor and an accelerometer.

According to Withings, continuous temperature monitoring helps optimize performance during workouts by visualizing areas of temperature variation. It also allows you to estimate recovery time based on temperature during an activity.

withings scanwatch 2 smartwatch near a smartphone


Temperature tracking on smartwatches has been in the spotlight since the start of the pandemic. The idea is that being able to see temperature variations from the baseline temperature could indicate the onset of illness before symptoms appear. Tracking temperature can also provide insight into menstrual cycles.

Monitoring of menstrual cycles and incredible autonomy

Like previous ScanWatch models, the ScanWatch 2 is equipped with two FDA-cleared sensors: a blood oxygen sensor and an electrocardiogram with atrial fibrillation detection. Apple, Samsung and Fitbit only have FDA clearance for their ECG.

Withings also claims that the new ScanWatch range will predict future menstrual cycles and offer better automatic workout detection for more than 40 types of sports.

Finally, the new ScanWatch 2 offers a battery life of 30 days, the same as the first generation ScanWatch.

ScanWatch Light: a Lite version of the ScanWatch 2

Withings is also launching a smartwatch called ScanWatch Light, which has most of the features of the ScanWatch 2, including a monochrome OLED display and physical hour and minute hands. What it lacks, however, is 24/7 temperature tracking, atrial fibrillation and ECG, irregular heartbeat notifications, and blood oxygen levels.

Price and availability

Both watches are available from October. The ScanWatch 2, which is available in 38 mm and 42 mm, will be sold at a price of 349.95 euros.

The ScanWatch Light is only available in 37 mm and will be sold for 249.95 euros.

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