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Second-ever permanent Google Store New York location opens

Google Store Brooklyn Exterior

Photos courtesy of Dorothy Hong and Google


  • Google has just opened a new Google Store in New York, this time in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood.
  • Google’s first-ever permanent retail store is in Manhattan, not far from this one.
  • The Brooklyn store has a slightly different vibe and is considerably smaller.

Over the years, Google has opened many retail stores all around the world. However, they all were temporary. It wasn’t until 2021 that Google opened its first-ever permanent retail space, which is located in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood in New York City.

Today, Google is opening the doors of its second-ever permanent Google Store, also in New York. This time, the store is in Brooklyn in the famed Williamsburg area.

Google Store Brooklyn Interior

Photos courtesy of Dorothy Hong and Google

The Chelsea Google Store focuses on various experiences. There’s a darkened room for testing out Pixel’s Night Sight capabilities, a Stadia room for playing games, and a mock living room for testing out Google Assistant. Surrounding all that is the usual “store” stuff: Google, Fitbit, and Nest products for sale.

The newest Google Store in New York loses those experiences and focuses mostly on the regular retail experiences. There are still interactive displays and other cool things that show you how Google products can help you with your life, but it’s not as in-depth as the Chelsea store.

The Here To Help desk is here, though. This is the equivalent of Apple’s Genius Bar: a place for you to get help with your already-purchased Google products. There are also places to relax and plenty of Google staff wandering around to help you with whatever you need.

Google’s “Neighborhood” design incorporates the general feel of the area. For instance, art in the store was created by a Brooklyn-based artist and Google plans to hold local events that celebrate Brooklyn. If future “Neighborhood” stores open, Google would do similar things for those specific areas.

The newest Google Store in New York is open today starting at 10:00 AM ET. It’s located at 134 North 6th Street.

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