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Smarten Up Your Home on a Budget With Discounted SwitchBot a

Upgrading to smart devices in your home can add a ton of convenience to your daily life and doing so doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Now is a particularly great time to pick up some popular devices from SwitchBot and Aqara with prices discounted by as much as 25% at Amazon. There’s no set expiration for this sale, so there’s no guaranteeing how long these deals will be available, so we’d recommend getting your order in sooner than later if you don’t want to miss out on these savings.

If you want an easy way to bring dumb devices into your smart home, SwitchBots’s four-pack of smart plugs is hard to beat at $24. With app-based controls, energy monitoring and integration with Alexa and Google Assistant without the need for an extra hub, they are a solid all-round smart plug option at $6 apiece. 

A couple of SwitchBot’s signature products are also on sale, including the unique button pusher at 20% off. It can click just about any button or flick any switch for you making it useful in some surprising places. The second-gen curtain opener is also on sale at 21% off and can bathe you in morning sunshine without you lifting a finger. Both can also work with Alexa or Google Assistant if you add the SwitchBot Hub

The Aqara devices on sale can help you roll your own DIY home security system with discounted door and window sensors from $14 and HD security cameras from $56. Aqara’s devices are particularly attractive for those invested Apple’s smart home ecosystem as they support Apple HomeKit in addition to Alexa and Google Assistant. 

The sale also features a bunch of basic remote- and timer-controlled plugs. These aren’t “smart” in the sense that they connect to Wi-Fi and can be controlled from your phone or smart speaker, but they may offer just enough of an upgrade for some folks. 

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