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Sonos accidentally sent a man a truckload of speakers worth

sonos speakers apartment


  • A glitch in Sonos’ system is responsible for sending customers way more stuff than they ordered.
  • The company also overcharged customers for extra items.
  • Some folks are unable to return the items and have to deal with storage problems for piled-up orders.

It may sound like a pleasant surprise when you receive more goodies than your originally ordered, but that’s now what happened to a Sonos customer.

After ordering a Sonos Turntable Set, Arc soundbar, Arc wall mount, One speaker, and Roam speaker, a customer told The Verge that Sonos sent him six of each product. The person, who asked to remain anonymous, got 30 shipments from the company, flooding his apartment on the inside.

Sonos sent the customer speakers worth $15,000.

Eventually, he ran out of space inside his house and started piling the packages outside in the lobby of his apartment building. Overall, Sonos sent the customer speakers worth $15,000. Sadly, the person was also charged for all the extra items.

This isn’t an isolated incident, either. According to the report, many people have faced the same problem after ordering items from Sonos. A Reddit thread details how the company sent out multiple items to customers and overcharged them.

As per Sonos, the issue occurred because of a system update that resulted in some orders being processed multiple times. The company has promised to refund customers within ten days. However, people are required to return the extra products.

Sonos wanted him to cart all the items to a UPS store.

Sonos has reportedly told customers that it’ll provide free shipping labels and schedule a pickup using its carriers. But that doesn’t seem to be going well. The customer who got a motherload of speakers said that Sonos wanted him to cart all the items to a UPS store. The firm later sent a UPS carrier to his building, but the worker was unaware he needed to pick up 30 packages and left with just one.

Now the customer claims he’s in hot water with his building managers. “They (the property managers) are being patient but are not happy about the boxes in the lobby,” the customer said.

Thankfully, Sonos is no longer shipping out more speakers to him. However, dozens of boxes are still sitting outside his apartment and Sonos is apparently passing him around to new company reps daily without a resolution.

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