Sosh currently offers a no-obligation 40 GB plan at

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Currently, the operator Sosh is offering new customers a no-obligation mobile plan with a 40 GB 4G envelope at the price of €11.99/month.

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Currently, the price of a 40 GB plan with Orange is €28.99/month. At its subsidiary Sosh, the same offer is displayed at only €11.99/month. However, the customer benefits from almost all the accessible advantages.

In addition to the 40 GB web envelope in 4G in mainland France, subscribers are entitled to 15 GB of data (inclusive) to spend in Europe and the overseas territories. Of course, with such an amount of data, this plan will not be suitable for watching hundreds of hours of videos on YouTube or series and films on Netflix.

However, for those who use their data to surf the web, browse social networks, listen to streaming music or watch videos occasionally, there is plenty to enjoy until the end of the month .

Obviously, no limitations are imposed on communications. Calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited, even from Europe and the overseas territories.

Furthermore, Sosh uses the Orange 4G network for this offer. For information, the historic operator’s 4G covers more than 99% of the population, with an average speed of 89 Mb/s. In addition, Orange is ranked the best mobile network in France by ARCEP, and this , for the twelfth consecutive time in 2022.

Another advantage of the 40 GB Sosh package is that it is non-binding, which is a guarantee of freedom for consumers who can change their offer whenever they want.

Finally, Sosh allows you to choose between a physical SIM card and a virtual SIM card (or eSIM). The cost is €10, whether for one or the other. On the other hand, keeping the current telephone number is free with the presentation of the RIO code (operator identity statement).

In detail, here are the characteristics of this offer :

  • 40 GB of mobile internet in mainland France
  • 15 GB of mobile internet from Europe and the French Overseas Territories
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from Europe and the French Overseas Territories
  • Orange 4G network
  • Sans engagement
  • Physical SIM card or eSIM of your choice at €10
  • Price: €11.99/month

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