Squid Game (Netflix): a season 2 confirmed … and a

Squid Game (Netflix): a confirmed season 2 … and an extended universe?

After months of rumours, it’s official : the phenomenon series Squid Game will be entitled to a second season. Ted Sarandos, the CEO and director of content at Netflix confirmed the information in an interview for Variety.

Towards a Squid Game-verse?

Given the success of the event series, this announcement is not really surprising. Especially that Hwang Dong-hyeok, the creator of the series, had half-acknowledged that a sequel was in the cards: “ there has been so much pressure, so many requests and so much love for a second season. I almost feel like you leave us no choice».

But Ted Sarandos went even further by indicating that ” the Squid Game universe was just beginning “. A comment that implies the arrival of several more seasons and maybe even spin-off series, much like what is planned forThe Witcher .

Squid Gamebeing Netflix’s most popular foreign series of all time, one can imagine that the streaming giant wants to turn it into a new franchise. A way to compete with Disney+ which has a very generous catalog with its universes Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar.

Despite this announcement, season 2 ofSquid Gameis not not yet entered into production, and a release date has yet to be announced.


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