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Take this Oxygen OS survey and let OnePlus know how you

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  • OnePlus launched an open Oxygen OS survey over the weekend.
  • The survey asks users to let the company know how they feel about Oxygen OS, among other topics.
  • The comments under the announcement are very negative, giving an idea of what the response might be like.

It’s been a whirlwind ride for OnePlus over the past few years. The company has gone from underground darling to big-time player and is now descending into a mess of copycat devices, confusing branding, and a lack of quality control.

The survey has many parts to it. It asks you what phone you’re currently using, what you like about it, what you don’t like about it, etc. It also asks questions more specific to Oxygen OS such as having you rank the features you think are most important.

Somewhat tellingly, the comments on the official forum thread for the survey are profoundly negative. Many people complain about the lack of updates for older phones, the slowness of updates, and OnePlus’ confusing release cycle. One commenter simply says, “worst phone ever.” In other words, this is all going to really well for OnePlus.

If you’re ready to let OnePlus know what’s on your mind, you can take the Oxygen OS survey here.

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