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TCL unveils enhanced 40 series and new tablets at MWC 2023

TCL announced multiple mobile, tablet, and connected devices at MWC 2023. Launching in the US, TCL 40 Series bolsters its mission of providing 5G for everyone with TCL 40 XE 5G and TCL 40 X 5G, as well as a 4G option TCL 40 XL. Launching globally, TCL NXTPAPER 11 and TCL TAB 11 continue TCL’s commitment to display excellence without compromising eye health.

Exclusive to the US market and soon available through mobile carriers and retailers, the TCL 40 Series adds three new smartphones to its lineup: TCL 40 XE 5G, TCL 40 X 5G and TCL 40 XL. Supported by TCL’s world-leading carrier partnerships, TCL 40 XE 5G and TCL 40 X 5G continue TCL’s mission of providing affordable 5G for everyone.

For those who want a 5G smartphone but don’t want to break the bank, look no further than TCL’s most affordable 5G smartphone to date: TCL 40 XE 5G. Enjoy TV shows, movies, and sports in HD+ with a 90 Hz refresh rate, recreating moment on its the stunning 6.56″-display. Can’t wait to download the next episode? Stream easily thanks to its MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G processor and 5G connection. And, if your series marathon has drained the 5000mAh battery, rest easy knowing Sleep Smart Charging will charge your phone without deteriorating battery health.

Content creators can ensure the capture of every inspiring moment with TCL 40 X 5G‘s 50MP triple AI camera and 8MP selfie camera. Supported by the same massive 5000mAh battery as its sister, users can spend all day snapping their shots. Once done, view and edit treasured memories in perfect detail on its 6.56-inch HD+ TCL NXTVISION display, plus watch back videos without lag and when ready, share them with friends easily thanks to the MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G processor.

Need a work horse phone that won’t break the bank? TCL 40 XL features a 50MP AI Triple Camera, and a lag-free Helio G37 octa-core processor, alleviating the stress of buffering when on video calls or streaming content on its 6.75-inch HD+ TCL NXTVISION display.

Launching alongside the new TCL 40 Series variants, TCL 406 is TCL’s most affordable Android 13 4G smartphone to date. Packing an entertainment punch, you can enjoy listening to your favorite tracks for longer thanks to its huge 5000mAh 2-day charge battery. If you prefer soaps to songs, TCL 406’s TCL NXTVISION boosted 6.6″ HD+ display helps you feel a part of the drama, plus dual-speakers give a surround sound feel to further enhance the experience.

TCL 40 XE 5G and TCL 40 X 5G benefit from TCL’s new NXTURBO display enhancing software which improves GPU performance by 30% whilst reducing power consumption by up to 17%. Thanks to TCL NXTURBO, TCL 40 XE 5G and TCL 40 X 5G can handle lag-free streaming, all without major impact to battery life.

Increased graphics processing algorithms make scrolling slicker, and for those looking for gaming power, TCL NXTURBO helps ensure full frame and a more realistic in-game experience. Also perfect for live streaming and online video playing, TCL NXTURBO dramatically improves a device’s rendering efficiency by up to 50%.

TCL NXTURBO will come to additional TCL smartphones later this year, including TCL 40 SE, which are now available across Europe.

TCL continues building on the success and critical acclaim for its NXTPAPER technology with upgrades to software and hardware. TCL NXTPAPER 2.0 boasts even brighter, more striking displays, all while protecting eye health.

Featured on new TCL NXTPAPER tablets, TCL NXTPAPER 2.0 delivers 150% more brightness compared with the original technology, up to 500 nits. Plus, TCL NXTPAPER 2.0 exceeds TÜV certified levels of blue light reduction thanks to hardware level filtering, putting eye health first without screen yellowing. Complementing this, TCL NXTPAPER 2.0’s automatic light sensor now adjusts color temperature based on the environment and time, delivering an even more comfortable viewing and reading experience.

Benefited from NXTPAPER 2.0, TCL NXTPAPER 11’s striking 11-inch 2K display delivers a stunning picture, with AI Visual Boost making colors bolder and more lifelike. TCL NXTPAPER 11 also packs a productivity punch. Whether it’s hosting video calls with the 8MP front wide-angle camera or taking notes with the ultra-realistic optional T-pen, TCL NXTPAPER 11 makes life easy. Plus, TCL NXTPAPER 11 has a massive 8000 mAh battery and reverse charging, meaning whether it’s work or play, nothing interrupts your flow.

Prefer a more conventional tablet experience? TCL TAB 11 is an entertainment powerhouse, offering a stunning 11-inch 2K TCL NXTVISION display and quad speakers. Weighing just 462g, TCL TAB 11’s slim 6.9mm design fits into almost any bag, perfect for life on the go. But, if you only want to use the tablet at home, TCL TAB 11 has LTE and non-LTE variants, giving you flexibility to enjoy it however you choose.

Global Pricing and Availability

  • TCL 40 XE 5G: from $169 available in North America only from June 2023
  • TCL 40 X 5G: from $199 available in North America only from June 2023
  • TCL 40 XL: from $149 available in North America only from May 2023
  • TCL NXTURBO: available through OTA updates later this year
  • TCL 406: from $119 available now in Europe, coming to select regions
  • TCL NXTPAPER 11: from $249, starting from Europe in May 2023, coming to select regions
  • TCL TAB 11: from $179 available from May 2023, LTE version available from $209

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The TCL TAB 8 LE is the perfect ultra-compact tablet for staying connected at home and on the go. With a portable and featherweight design, this small wonder fits easily in a large pocket or small bag. TCL TAB 8 LE sports an 8-inch HD display, quad-core processor, LTE connectivity, and an all-day 4080mAh battery. The 5MP front and rear cameras are ideal for recording videos on vacation or catching up with the team…

5 January 2023

Beautiful, vivid screens aren’t just coming to smartphones. TCL is also expanding its innovative NXTPAPER display technology to new categories with the TCL NXTPAPER 12 Pro tablet. It comes with a 12.2-inch 2K NXTPAPER screen and a paper-like display that filters more harmful blue light by up to 61% than regular screens. Eye protection hardware and software is layered to help reduce eye strain and retain original…

5 January 2023

Kicking off TCL’s announcements at CES 2023 is the TCL 40 Series, including the TCL 40 R 5G, TCL 40 SE, and TCL 408. Each device features enhanced NXTVISION screen technology, a long-lasting battery, and 50MP AI-powered camera so customers can enjoy limitless entertainment all day and night. For ultra-fast 5G, the TCL 40 R 5G packs a 7nm high-performance 5G processor to keep you connected wherever you are. This…

5 January 2023

T-Mobile launches in the USA the TCL Stylus 5G. Designed in Lunar Black, this smartphone features a 6.81-inch IPS display with an FHD+ resolution and stylus support. The stylus is included in the box. There’s an AI handwriting transcoding app pre-isntalled that has been developed in collaboration with Nebo, and MyScript Calculator 2 software. The smartphone is based on a MediaTek Dimensity 700 chip and ensures 5G…

2 June 2022

LTPO is an abbreviation for Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide. As a low-power display technology, LTPO has attracted the interest of the smartphone industry. It is based on the LTPS technology which through a series of processes forms an Oxide layer. Hence, LTPO has the advantage of LTPS’s high mobility, but also IGZO’s low leakage current and low refresh rate characteristics. LTPO displays can reduce screen…

5 April 2022

TCL is алсо expanding its tablet portfolio at MWC 2022 with three new products. First, the TCL NXTPAPER MAX 10, following the recently launched TCL NXTPAPER 10s, is the latest installment of TCL’s critically acclaimed NXTPAPER line-up. TCL NXTPAPER MAX 10 is available in a Wi-Fi or 4G LTE configuration. Whichever you opt for, it’s an exceptionally capable tablet, delivering learning, entertainment, and creative…

27 February 2022

As promised at CES 2022, TCL announces five brand new smartphones to its TCL 30 Series line-up at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022: TCL 30 5G TCL 30+ TCL 30 TCL 30 SE TCL 30 E These five entries to the 30 Series join a pair of USA-exclusive smartphones already in the range – TCL 30 XE 5G and TCL 30 V 5G, reinforcing the company’s winning value, great performance and innovation propositions in a variety of accessible…

27 February 2022

TCL has unveiled vaguely the TCL 30 series of smartphones at CES 2022 in Las Vegas earlier this month. It especially stressed on the TCL 30 V 5G which is a USA-bound model so far and today went on sale via Verizon supporting the n2, n5, n66, n77, n260, and n261 5G bands. The smartphone is built around a 6.67-inch IPS display with an FHD+ resolution and NXTVISION technology. It is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass…

28 January 2022

TCL presented a range of new products at CES 2022 for digital learning. This product portfolio includes the company’s new NXTPAPER series tablet – the TCL NXTPAPER 10s, and several more tablets designed to provide educational experiences for learners of all ages. The TCL NXTPAPER 10s is designed specifically with a focus on eye protection. Blue right reduction is front and center, with the feature built directly…

4 January 2022

TCL has unveiled the TCL 30 series at CES 2022. It stressed upon two models from the series that are exclusively for the US market and will launch later this month – the TCL 30 XE 5G and the TCL 30 V 5G. These smartphones come with enhanced NXTVISION technology. The TCL 30 XE 5G will be available on T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile. It will be based on a MediaTek Dimensity 700 chipset for 5G connectivity and will have…

4 January 2022

TCL Communication recorded a strong third quarter with steady growth in both smartphone and tablet markets, according to the latest IDC Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, Q3 2021. TCL’s smartphone shipments increased in North America in the third quarter, bringing the company’s regional ranking to fourth place. In Canada, TCL moved up to the Top 3 with a YoY shipment volume increase of 12.3% and YoY sales revenue…

25 November 2021

The DTC 2021 of TCL CSOT in Shenzhen, China presented a number of new display technologies for smartphones mainly in the field of flexible OLED displays. The most noteworthy product is the world’s first 8-inch 360-degree foldable AMOLED display. It uses stress-free hinge compensation mechanism technology. You can fold the display in both directions and there’s no need of having a sub-screen. When unfolded, the…

20 November 2021

TCL continues to bring affordable 5G solutions to all with the introduction of the TCL TAB Pro 5G, TCL’s first 5G tablet in North America. A reliable entertainment and productivity tool the whole family can enjoy, the powerful TCL TAB Pro 5G keeps you connected to every aspect of your digital life, at home and on-the-go. An entertainment experience like no other, the TCL TAB Pro 5G pulls you in with its expansive…

22 October 2021

TCL announced the availability of three 20 series smartphones – the TCL 20 Pro 5G, the TCL 20S, and the TCL 20 SE – in the United States, along with the TCL MOVEAUDIO S600 true wireless earbuds. The trio of mobile devices provide high-resolution displays, stylish designs and more flagship-style smartphone features at a variety of price points, strengthening the company’s winning value, performance and innovation…

29 June 2021

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