The Book of Boba Fett (Disney +): what is episode 4 worth of the

The Book of Boba Fett (Disney +): what is episode 4 of the Star Wars series worth?

Series The Boba Fett Book, spin-off of the acclaimed The Mandolarian, began its broadcast on the Disney+ streaming platform last December 29.

Episode 4 of the series is available since this Wednesday morning on Disney+. What is this new chapter of the Book by Boba Fett ? Here is our review.

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This review may contain spoilers, it is recommended to have seen the episode before continuing.


The synopsis of episode 4

Immersed in his tank of bacta, Boba Fett recalls his meeting with Fennec Shand, and the events that formed their collaboration. Boba Fett is also gathering his own forces and forming alliances in preparation for the conflict that points against the Pykes Syndicate.

The opinion of CNET France

Last week, the third episode particularly disappointed us with its pace, lazy direction and uninteresting story. When writing CNET France, we were therefore waiting to see if the series was going to raise the bar. Fortunately for us, and for the program, this is the case in this 4th episode.

As is usual on the show, the episode begins with a memory of Boba Fett still healing himself in his bacta vat. His reminiscences tell us this time about his meeting with Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen), which until now remained a little vague. Their scenes together make it possible to develop a relationship so far without dimensions, and to dig a little more the character of Shand. The bounty hunter, while not yet a model of complexity, appears less two-dimensional. The series even allows itself to lay the foundations of Fett’s new morality, and to give him back a little coherence.


We may regret that the episode then oscillates too much between the tones, going from drama to comedy very abruptly. Admittedly, Star Wars must address all audiences and even the youngest, and this episode thus delivers some comic sequences between Boba Fett and small robots. But we are still skeptical about the choice to make the formidable bounty hunter a funny character, ridiculous at times, and ultimately very (too) sympathetic. Are there real villains in the Star Wars universe?

Besides that, episode 4 will satisfy the fans of the first hour, who will be happy to find the wookie Krrsantan, Boba’s famous ship, Slave 1, and sequences of action and (finally!) tension well brought, in particular with the successful reunion between Fett and the Sarlacc. For once, this scene offers 2-3 interesting staging ideas, and allows the show to find a bit of rhythm and stakes… and therefore of interest.


The rest of this new episode is a quieter set-up of a coming conflict, with a Boba Fett busy gathering forces around him – political and military – for battle. His title, “The storm is approaching” is for once quite evocative, and we finally seem to see an exciting outcome… A welcome rise in tension which, we hope, will finally materialize all the ambition that this series promises us.

If this episode 4 of Book by Boba Fett is still very wise, and still prefers to make promises rather than let go of the horses, he has the merit of telling something, and of digging (a little) into the characters hitherto left fallow. See you next Wednesday for, hopefully, confirmation of this slight improvement.


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