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The Motorola Razr 3 price just leaked

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  • The European Motorola Razr 3 price has leaked.
  • The phone could be significantly cheaper than the previous Razr.
  • The leak also suggests the phone could land in only one color: black.

We’ve already seen a whole bunch of leaks related to Motorola’s next foldable phone, the Razr 3. However, the most important question hasn’t been addressed: how much will this thing cost?

For buyers in the United States, keep in mind Motorola rarely does straight conversions for its pricing. In other words, it’s far more likely the Motorola Razr 3 price in the US would be $1,149 and not over $1,200. For what it’s worth, the MSRP of the Razr 5G was $1,399, further supporting the idea that the 2022 model would land at $1,149.

While this is a move in the right direction for Motorola, this rumored price tag is still higher than the most popular flip-style foldable on the market: the Galaxy Z Flip 3. That phone’s 2021 MSRP was just $999 and there’s every reason to believe the 2022 Galaxy Z Flip 4 could land at the same price — or even cheaper. Motorola could face an uphill battle there when it comes to getting consumers to pass over Samsung.

Finally, along with this Motorola Razr 3 price leak, Hemmerstoffer also says the foldable phone will only come in one colorway: Quartz Black. It’s possible other colors could land in the future, though.

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