The new design of the Fitbit app makes it more

As expected, Google has just announced the deployment of its new Fitbit application, which now benefits from a simplified interface to help users easily access data relating to health and well-being.

Three new tabs

The application is organized around three new tabs: “Today”, “Coach” and “You”.

The “Today” tab is not completely new since it already exists in the old version. However, Google has made changes and this tab now provides access to different statistics, such as the number of steps taken during the day, stress management, sleep score and many others. It even becomes possible to personalize the statistics using the “Edit” button at the top of the tab, which allows you to focus on personal goals.

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The “Coach” tab has just appeared on the Fitbit application. It provides access to a set of free workouts that users can filter “depending on workout type, duration, equipment required, instructor and more”. Fitbit Premium subscribers will also be entitled to more content, such as HIIT and cardio dance classes.

app fitbit


Regarding the “You” tab, which is also a new addition, it allows you to define your own goals for activities and sleep. The tab also includes several useful features like community or achievements.

Finally, Google claims to have improved the communication between the sensors and the phone so that you no longer have to wear your Pixel Watch to track your steps, for example. Furthermore, the “Graphs now include easy-to-understand information about metrics and highlight trends”.

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