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These Govee Smart Floodlights Are $30 Off at Amazon

Adding a splash of color to your outdoor space, whether it’s a pool area or a flower-filled garden, can really change the look and feel of the place. And now you can do it for less, thanks to this Govee smart floodlight deal that will get you a pack of four for just $70.

This pack of smart lights would normally cost around $100, but you can save yourself $30 and 30% right now without doing any of the heavy lifting sometimes associated with these kinds of deals. That means that there are no on-screen coupons or discounts for you to contend with, so just place your order and start planning where your new lights are going to live.

These floodlights work via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and can display a selection of 16 million colors, from 2700 to 6500K warm or cool whites, and a brightness of 500 lumens. They’re also dimmable so that you can make sure that your area looks just the way you want it to, without running the risk of low-flying airplanes thinking you’re a landing strip!

These lights can even be configured to sync with your music so they’ll react to the beat of your party. You can’t do that with your boring old security lights, can you? Now is your chance to inject some smarts into your outdoor areas and upgrade them before summer’s done and dusted, all while saving some cash in the process.

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