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X introduces government ID-based account verification

Social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) will now let paid users verify their accounts using a government ID in a bid to prevent impersonation and “maintain the integrity of the platform.” According to X’s updated verification policy (first seen via TechCrunch), the company may also request a government-issued ID “when needed” and is exploring additional measures to protect users from spam, malicious accounts, and content that isn’t age-appropriate. The new verification system was first leaked back in August.

A pop-up window for the feature notes that X is partnering with Israel-based verification company AU10TIX to facilitate the new authorization feature. All verification information — including photographs of user IDs and “extracted biometric data” — may be stored by AU10TIX for up to 30 days. This may explain why X updated its privacy policy at the end of August to include carveouts for “biometric information.”

ID verification benefits for X Premium subscribers will include a line that says “this account is ID verified” when anyone clicks their blue checkmark and prioritized support from X services. Additional benefits like a simplified review process needed to obtain a blue checkmark and greater flexibility to make account changes (including profile photo, display name, and user handle) are also in development.

Users may be asked to reverify their account using a government-issued ID if the account’s name or intended purpose is changed, if ownership of the account has been transferred to another user, if the account is inactive, or for undisclosed “safety and security purposes.”

X says it will also provide the option to use ID verification for “certain X features” as a means to increase trust in its platform. The company didn’t elaborate on what these features might entail but claims those who choose to participate could receive “additional benefits associated with the specific X feature” in the future. These benefits will only be available to individual users, excluding business and organization accounts.

ID-based verification is currently available in “numerous countries,” but X did not elaborate on specific locations. It does not currently include the European Union, the European Economic Area, or the UK, however, likely because these regions have strict data protection laws. X says it’ll extend ID verification to these regions “soon.”

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